Career change?!

Ok, so I have decided to make a career change and become a web designer!…..

Just kidding, but in an effort to get a more versatile website, I have spent my down time the past couple weeks trying to replace my flash website with an html5 site. Something that can be seen on all browsers and mobile devices. Now i used to do web design back in the day so im not a complete noob to it, but I used flash/Actionscript for web design and only used dreamweaver to upload the site. Things have changed so much in web design that it took me a while to get even a basic site up. Its not as flashy as my flash site, but it gets the job done.

Its still not 100% done, but its got the essential info on it. So I will spice it up here and there before my 30 day trial version of dreamweaver expires ;)

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